Established in 2009 by a vote of over 90% of the APMA House of Delegates, the American Society of Podiatric Surgeons was created to serve as the APMA surgical affiliate. 

Dedicated to podiatric surgical excellence in education and research, ASPS advances the profession of practitioners who are dedicated to surgery of the foot, ankle, and related structures to increase optimal results for improved patient outcomes. As the only official Surgical Affiliate of the APMA, ASPS represents the interests of both organization’s members.


Our mission is to provide accessible quality surgical education for podiatric surgeons and all members of the APMA with an interest in surgery.  With a world class board of directors and educational faculty deemed experts in the field of podiatric surgery, ASPS hosts a variety of surgically-focused educational programs throughout the year to advance the profession of podiatric surgery.

An independent organization—ASPS formed to collaborate with APMA in representing the surgical interests of their members. ASPS advances the knowledge and skills of podiatrists in the area of surgery of the foot, ankle, and governing and related structures. 


ASPS is proud to be an accredited provider approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education.  As is the case with all specialty societies and colleges, ASPS is not a credentialing organization and does not conduct licensing or certification processes. The principal purpose of ASPS is to facilitate education and research activities in the area of podiatric surgery. These activities are viewed to reinforce and support licensing and certification processes.

Board of Directors