Foot and Ankle Surgical Complications and Wound Management Course



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April 9-10, 2021

16 CECH (continuing education contact hours)

COMPLIMENTARY for all DPM’s and Podiatry Students
Education Chairman: David A. Yeager, DPM, FASPS

ASPS is approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education as a provider of continuing education in podiatric medicine.

Learning Objectives

  • Utilize and explain the benefits of surgical application in everyday practice
  • Assess ethical and proper use of foot and ankle surgery as a means of patient improvement
  • Discuss the history of surgical intervention and review training and techniques for daily practice
  • Review surgical and non-surgical wound management and identify various treatments and therapies

Learning Methods

  • Didactic Lectures
  • Panel Discussions
  • Case Studies/Case-Based Presentations
  • Point/Counterpoint Discussions

Target Audience

Podiatrists, Podiatric Residents, Podiatric Students, and health professionals with an interest in advancing their knowledge of foot and ankle surgery.

Agenda & Faculty

Subtle 5th Metatarsal and Ankle Fracture Complications 1.5 CECH

Subtle 5th Metatarsal Fracture Complications

Brian Burgess, DPM

Complications of Conservative Treatment of an Ankle Fracture

Curt Martini, DPM


Talar Fracture, AVN, and Peripheral Nerve Complications 1.75 CECH

Narendra Patel, DPM

Talar Fracture and Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

Management of Neurologic Complications of Peripheral Nerves


Complications of Minimal Invasive Surgery in the Podiatric Practice 1.0 CECH

David Yeager, DPM


TAR and IM Rod Replacement Complications 1.5 CECH

Patrick Burns, DPM

Complications of Total Ankle Replacement

Complications of Intramedullary (IM) Rod Replacement


The Toe That Wouldn’t and Management of Failed Foot and Ankle Arthrodesis 1.5 CECH

The Toe That Wouldn’t

Marc Jones, DPM

Management of Failed Foot and Ankle Arthrodesis

Joe George, DPM


Changes in CPT Codes for 202 1.75 CECH

Jeffery Lehrman, DPM,


3D Nanofiber Technology and the Science of Oxygen to Heal Wounds 1.5 CECH

Matthew Garoufalis, DPM

Designed with Purpose: Using 3D Nanofiber Technology to Heal Wounds 

The Art and Science of Oxygen in Wound Care


DFU Offloading Resulting in Amputation and Lower Extremity Preservation 1.5 CECH

Surgical Offloading of a Chronic Recurrent Diabetic Foot Ulceration Resulting in a Below Knee Amputation

Jordan Hirschi, DPM

Surgical Considerations and Options in Lower Extremity Preservation: Have You Overlooked Anything?

Desmond Bell, DPM


Connective Tissue Matrix Implants and the Use of Nitric Oxide in Clinical Medicine 1.5 CECH

Surgical Treatment of Complex Wounds Using Connective Tissue Matrix Implants

Jean Archer-Colella, DPM

The Use of Nitric Oxide in Clinical Medicine

Sev Hrywnak, DPM, MD


Nonunions, Nerve Injury, and the Role of Orthoplasty 2.0 CECH

Nonunions in the Lower Extremity

Andrew Belis, DPM

Peripheral Nerve Injury Following Regional Anesthesia for Postoperative Pain Relief

Greg Foote, DPM

The Role of Orthoplasty in Your Podiatric Practice

Edgardo Rodriguez, DPM


Chemical Matrixectomies: Risks, Complications, and Pearls 1.0 CECH

Melissa Lockwood, DPM


Common Surgical Vascular Complications in the Lower Extremity 1.0 CECH

Alan Block, DPM, FASPS